Made of Savannah Podcast June 8, 2023

Savannah Snippets All About Concepts and Culture

In this episode, we are thrilled to have the talented artist Bellamy Murphy join us as she shares her journey and gives us a glimpse into her upcoming art exhibition, Viridescence. Known for her captivating oil on canvas paintings, Bellamy captures the enchanting beauty and breathtaking views of Ossabaw Island. 


Don’t miss this exclusive conversation with Bellamy Murphy, as we gear up for the opening of Viridescence — an exhibition that promises to immerse you in the vibrant greens and awe-inspiring landscapes of Ossabaw Island. Tune in and be captivated by the fusion of art and nature that awaits!


Additionally, we’re excited to share that the profits generated from the gallery’s run of show will be donated to the Ossabaw Island Foundation. Learn about the foundation’s vital work in preserving the island’s unique ecosystem and its commitment to education, conservation, and cultural history.


Viridescence opens Friday June 16th from 6 – 8 pm

Location Gallery

251 Bull Street 

Savannah, GA 31401


Hosted by @deedanielsmedia

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