Made of Savannah Podcast April 6, 2023

Market Update with Michael Caputo

Join us as we sit down with Erica Cannon, the owner of Wheelie Good Treats and Savannah Pet Sitters, and a devoted Mama to Pigeon, the adorable wheelchair pup. Erica shares her inspiring story of caring for a dog with special needs, discussing the challenges and rewards that come with it, and portraying her unbreakable bond with Pigeon. She also talks about how her love for animals led her to create her businesses, Wheelie Good Treats and Savannah Pet Sitters. Erica’s story is a testament to the power of passion and determination, proving that anything is possible. 


Hosted by @deedanielsmedia


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Erica Cannon – Owner of Wheelie Good Treats & Savannah Pet Sitters

Mama to Pigeon the Wheelchair Pup




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