Made of Savannah Podcast Historic Savannah Foundation – Buildings, People, & Stories Join us for an engaging conversation with Sue Adler, the President & CEO of the Historic Savannah Foundation. Together, we  journey through Savannah’s captivating history, exploring the importance of preserving its iconic properties. During our discussion, we delve into the intricate process of balancing preservation and progress, showcasing the HSF’s role in promoting responsible development […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Savannah Snippets All About Concepts and Culture In this episode, we are thrilled to have the talented artist Bellamy Murphy join us as she shares her journey and gives us a glimpse into her upcoming art exhibition, Viridescence. Known for her captivating oil on canvas paintings, Bellamy captures the enchanting beauty and breathtaking views of Ossabaw Island.    Don’t miss this exclusive […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Uncovering Ghosts in Savannah Part 2 with Enocha Edenfield This Savannah Snippets episode focuses on the concepts and culture of our Hostess City. We’re joined by Jamie Durrence of Daniel Reed Hospitality to talk about the concepts behind The Public Kitchen & Bar, Local 11ten, SoHo South, Artillery, and Franklin’s and Peter Roberts, Director of Location Gallery, located at 251 Bull Street.   Hosted […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Uncovering Ghosts in Savannah Part 1 with Enocha Edenfield In this two-part special, we continue our adventure with historian and ghost tour guide, Enocha Edenfield. Together, we embark on a journey through the haunted history of Savannah. Enocha, with her profound knowledge and firsthand experiences of the paranormal, takes us on a mesmerizing exploration of the city’s ghost stories. From eerie apparitions to mysterious […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Savannah Snippets: All About Real Estate In this episode, ​we’re joined by historian and ghost tour guide ​Enocha Edenfield, as ​we delve deep into the haunted history of Savannah. Enocha shares her knowledge and experience of the paranormal, giving insights into the city’s ghost stories. ​In this two part special, we discuss paranormal experiences and explore the different identities within the […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Talking the Tybee Turtle Trot with Chantal Audran This Savannah Snippets episode focuses on the real estate market in Savannah and features snippets from experts such as Michael Caputo from First Coast Mortgage, Brooke Willis, real estate agent with CAHR, and Stephanie Wilson-Evans and Austin Hill, vice-president and president of Corcoran Austin Hill Realty.   Hosted by @deedanielsmedia   Learn more about the […]
Made of Savannah Podcast There’s No Tourist Season in Savannah with Tiffany Burckhalter-Alewine Let’s shell-ebrate this BONUS episode 🐢🎉 We had the pleasure of chatting with Chantal Audran, the Executive Director of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, about the upcoming Turtle Trot event this weekend and all the exciting activities you can enjoy. Plus, we dove into the details of turtle nesting season, which starts on May […]
Made of Savannah Podcast A ’Wheelie Good’ Pupdate with Erica and PigeonPup Join us in this episode as we chat with Tiffany Burckhalter-Alewine, a real estate agent with Corcoran Austin Hill Realty and travel advisor with Bushel & Peck, as we explore the city’s unique charm. From its mild climate to its rich history, diverse arts scene, and southern hospitality, the Low Country has something to offer […]
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Made of Savannah Podcast Market Update with Michael Caputo Join us as we sit down with Erica Cannon, the owner of Wheelie Good Treats and Savannah Pet Sitters, and a devoted Mama to Pigeon, the adorable wheelchair pup. Erica shares her inspiring story of caring for a dog with special needs, discussing the challenges and rewards that come with it, and portraying her unbreakable […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Give-A-Palooza We sat down with Jonathan Stalcup, a SCAD alum and the owner of Architectural Savannah. Jonathan is a tour guide for Savannah Architectural Tours and the author of the book “Savannah Architectural Tours.” We spent a morning with Jonathan touring several buildings with unique architectural styles and explained the city’s history and culture that influenced […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Secrets of the Savannah Art Scene with Peter Roberts Join us for an exciting episode with Cecilia Russo Turner, founder of Cecilia Russo Marketing. Hear her incredible story of success and the inspiring impact she has made in Savannah over the last 15 years. Learn how Cecilia’s hard work and commitment to connection have helped businesses, creatives, and nonprofits thrive.    Hosted by @deedanielsmedia […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Market Update with Brooke Willis Get ready to be immersed in Savannah’s vibrant art scene with Peter Roberts, a long time resident and director of Location Gallery! From pop-ups to galleries in historic buildings, Savannah is alive with vibrant art and culture. Join us for an enlightening and inspiring conversation that could change your view on the art scene in […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Hospitality in the Hostess City with Jamie Durrence At the start of 2023, the market in Savannah and surrounding areas is seeing a lot of growth and opportunities. We sit down with Brooke Willis of Corcoran Austin Hill Realty to get the low down on the low country.   Hosted by @deedanielsmedia   Learn more about the voices in this episode  Brooke Willis […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Sparking New Conversations in Savannah We’re exploring all the amazing food, drinks, and hospitality that Savannah has to offer. Join us as we talk with local expert and restauranteur, Jamie Durrence with Daniel Reed Hospitality, who knows the best spots in town for a great experience. Get ready to learn about some of the most delicious cuisine and mouth-watering beverages […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Introducing Made of Savannah We’re laying out the welcome mat for our introductory episode of Made of Savannah – a creation of Corcoran Austin Hill Realty. We sat down with our President Austin Hill and Vice President Stephanie Wilson Evans to spark the conversation about history, architecture, real estate, coastal living, and the rapidly growing film industry.   Hosted […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Connecting People and Possibilities with Cecilia Russo Turner Join us for a BONUS episode all about Give-A-Palooza, which took place this past Saturday! Local charities attended the event, and we had the opportunity to speak with them about their amazing work. During this episode, we discussed the impact of their work and shared inspiring stories about the people they have helped. We hope […]
Made of Savannah Podcast Savannah Architectural Tours with Jonathan Stalcup In this episode, Michael Caputo from First Coast Mortgage with 30 years of experience discusses the real estate market from the mortgage lending perspective. He offers invaluable advice on interest rates, market trends, and working with a knowledgeable lender to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or experienced real estate investor, this episode […]